Kitchen Supreme Spiralizer Review

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I absolutely love pasta, but I don’t eat it anymore because the Keto way of life does not allow for such things. So, I went and got a spiralizer to give me that satisfying feeling of eating pasta, without actually eating it. I’m not gonna lie, spiralized veggies will never replace the spaghetti you used to eat, but it gets you pretty close and you can virtually eat as much as you want. Even if you’re into the Paleo or raw vegan ways of eating, a spiralizer is a great way to add variety to your diet and give you an opportunity to eat that pasta (well kinda) you miss so much.

Basically, a spiralizer takes a vegetable, usually of the long slender type, and cuts it into fine spaghetti-like strands. One end of the vegetable is inserted into the opening and you twist it while applying inward pressure. They have other ones that have a crank that you turn to spin the veggies, but I have a handheld one like this.vegetable spiralizer

You do have to do more of the work yourself with this one as opposed to the ones with the crank. I like this one better though because there aren’t any moving parts, so there’s less of a chance it’ll break. It also takes up less space in my kitchen which is good because I don’t exactly have unlimited space. This one comes with a little brush, a bag, a small recipe book, a slicer, and a cap that you stick into the back of the vegetable to help you grip it. This one is also backed by a 5 year warranty.

If you like pasta or just need a way to add variety to your diet, this is a great sturdy spiralizer that does what it is supposed to do, and comes with a few extras. I really enjoy using mine because it allows me to make noodles quickly without the hassle of putting anything together. It is also fairly simple to clean and takes up very little space in the kitchen. For more info, or to get one for yourself, click here.


No need to assemble anything
No moving Parts
5 year warranty


You have to twist the vegetables yourself
the blades more toward the center of the hourglass may be a bit difficult to clean


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