The Management


Hello and thanks for stopping by. My name’s Jamie Daniels. I’m a husband (that’s my wife on the left), father of three, veteran, and full time student at Pierce College. I fell in love with the Ketogenic Diet when it helped me go from weighing 215 lbs. down to 155. I know that isn’t a huge change compared to some of the transformations out there, but for me it was a big deal. When I first gave the diet a shot I wasn’t sure if it would work for me. All I knew was that nothing else really did and I was out of options. Once I saw how quickly I got results, I was hooked. Over time, Keto slowly became a way of life for me and my wife and I don’t want to go back to eating a traditional high carb diet.

This blog’s main purpose is to educate people on what the Ketogenic Diet is by using scientific data and findings with my own experiences and points of view mixed in. I’ll do my best to give good information to help you grow your knowledge in regard to the Ketogenic Diet, and health and wellness in general.